Friday, 24 March 2017

New Sorcerer for Spring in Age of Pyramids and new breeds in Creatures of Olympus

As of Friday, 24 March, there is a new Underground Habitat in the form of the Sorcerer Habitat and a new Creature to inhabit it in the form of the Sorcerer Nugera.

In Creatures of Olympus, we recently experienced the addition of a new Habitat in the Water Kingdom in the form of the Coral Habitat, where the Ancient Turtle lives.

A new Creature in Hades is the Volantilupus (Flying Wolf), bred from Wolf and Bird appropriately.

Age of Pyramids

Sorcerer Habitat:

This Underground habitat is unlocked at Level 47 and costs 1900,000 Stones to build.  It takes 4 days to complete and when completed, will house two Creatures.  The cost of upgrading this habitat is 2500000 Stones.

At present, there is only one Creature for this habitat in the form of the Sorcerer Nugera.  At this point in time, we still are trying to ascertain the breeding combination.  If you do not wish to guess, you always can purchase her in the Market for 960 Diamonds!

Obtaining Stone

The farthest location on the Map where you can send your Ships for Stone is Thinis where in 2 days for the price of 400000 Coins, you will receive 40,000 Stones.

Your ability to purchase additional Ships as well as your ability to send them longer distances on the Map depends on your Level.  The Ships are very inexpensive at any Level, although the price of a new Ship increases gradually.

A far more efficient way to obtain Stone is via a Stone Quarry in the Underground.  A Stone Quarry costd 300,000 Coins to build (giving 5000 XP) and the original Stone Quarry has two options:

Small Pack costs 200000 Coins and gives 10,000 Stones after 6 hours.
Medium Pack costs 400000 Coins and gives 20000 Stones after 12 hours.

When you upgrade the Stone Quarry, you will have two more options:

Large Pack costs 11000000 Coins and gives 60000 Stones after 24 hours.
Extra Large Pack costs 2000000 Coins and gives 90000 Stones after 36 hours.

As you can see, you receive more Stones faster when you use a Stone Quarry than you will with your beautiful Ships but it always is a good idea to keep both Ships and Quarries active at all times.  You never know when more Stones will be needed in this game.  A good example of this is the new Sorcerer Habitat!

Creatures of Olympus

In Creatures of Olympus, there is a fairly recent addition to the types of Habitats you can purchase in the Water Kingdom.  The new Habitat is the Coral Habitat that houses the new Ancient Turtle.

The Coral Habitat costs 9000000 to build and gives 60,000 XP when completed.  It houses only one Creature at present in the form of the Ancient Turtle, bred from Seahorse and Dolphin.  The Coral Habitat is unlocked at Level 38.

Ancient Turtle
  Bred from Seahorse and Dolphin
  Time: 1 day, 7 hours

Newer than this, however, are two

Friday, 10 March 2017

St. Patrick's Day in Age of Pyramids and Creatures of Olympus

(Above, screenshots of St. Patrick's Dragon in Age of Pyramids, St. Patrick's Dragon in Creatures of Olympus and finally, St. Patrick Lady and Man together in Egypt)

As of Friday, 17 March, St. Patrick's Day Creatures are available both in Egypt and Olympus.  They are Creatures that veteran players may have from a previous year, but for new players, you may find the St. Patrick's Lady available as a special 24 hour promotion in both games and the St. Patrick's Man available in the Market, which means that you can obtain him through breeding as well.  In Egypt, there is a new St. Patrick's Dragon Vizier Creature.

Age of Pyramids

St. Patrick's Man
  Bred from Human and Jackal
  Time: 2 days (have confirmed this myself!)

As of St. Patrick's Day, new:

On St. Patrick's Day 2017:

St. Patrick's Dragon
  Bred from Crocodile and Serpent (silver elf)
  Time: 2 Days
  (would have to have a serpent in the mix!) .

Creatures of Olympus


St. Patrick's Man
  Bred from Bull and Giant
  Time: 2 days (Have confirmed myself.  Note there are two OTHER Creatures in Olympus on Earth with a 2 day time in the form of Cyclops and Warrior Bear)

On St. Patrick's Day:

St. Patrick's Dragon
  Bred from Bull and Eagle (hint from Frismos!)
  Time: 2 days (I got him today!)

N.B.  The St. Patrick's Dragon is a rather sweet green Creature who abides in the Nature Habitat and tosses shamrocks into the air periodically.


The following is a new creature but it appears to be a permanent addition to Hades:

  Bred from Lion and Serpent
  Time: 20 hours (courtesy of Aeriawyn)

Feeding your Creatures

This has nothing to do with St. Patrick's Day but I thought it would be amusing to share some photographs of the tremendous differences that can exist between a 'baby' Creature at Level 1 and a fully grown one at any Level from 4 up to 20, depending on the habitat or habitats of the Creature.  Below are two screenshots of the most terrifying Creature in Egypt.  His name is Shezmu and most players adore him.  He scared me, frankly, and his size was a little off-putting as he towered over all the other Creatures... he is one of the Revive Creatures that you create using Tokens from Creatures you have sacrificed by literally sending them down the river in a boat.  I did not revive him until now, partly because he frightened me and partly because I wished to save my Tokens for a possible seasonal creature.  I finally caved, though and revived Shezmu... so here he is as a fledgling, newly sprung from his cradle and here he is at Level 10 as well, tossing his enormous scythes in the air.

Well, I have had my fun with the poor Creature.  I suppose I ought to feed him and empower him!

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Mardi Gras Approaches with New Creatures and New Habitat

Well, I was sorry to see the beautiful St. Valentine's Day creatures vanish from Age of Pyramids and Creatures of Olympus but there are some new additions in both games.

In the Underground in Age of Egypt, we have a new Scorpion/Frog Hybrid called Scorpioheq. Breeding time is 23 hours. (Credit to Shimoo)

In Creatures of Olympus, there is both a new Creature and a new Habitat in the Water Kingdom in the form of the Coral Habitat and the Ancient Turtle who inhabits it.  The cost of the Coral Habitat is 9000,000 Coins.  Evidently, it unlocks at Level 38 because a player who is a member of our Group at Level 30 who does not have the maximum number of habitats yet in the Water Kingdom found it locked with a prompt to the effect that it will unlock at Level 38.  I first bred the Ancient Turtle using a combination that included all four basic types and it took 1 day, 7 hours using a Polipodelphi with a Crayhorse.   I now have discovered the basic combination which is simply Seahorse and Dolphin which means that, provided always the Water Kingdom has been unlocked,  even players at fairly low levels can breed him although you will not be able to house him until you have reached Level 38.   He is quite a feisty character for his advanced age.  He breathes out fireballs and does rolls.

There are advantages and disadvantages to using two hybrids that include all four basic parent types.  The advantage of course is that you have a better chance of hitting the right combination EVERY time you breed.  The disadvantage is really where guide-writing is concerned, as the precise parentage is not established with this method.

The habitat takes 2 days to build and gives 60,000 Experience Points.   It can house two creatures.  You can upgrade it for 80 Diamonds.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Friday, 10 February 2017

St. Valentine's Day in Age of Pyramids and Creatures of Olympus

As of Friday, 17 February, a promotional Creature has been released both in Age of Pyramids and in Creatures of Olympus.  In both games, it is a Love Goddess... in Egypt and in Olympus, it is a creature from the past.  As a 24 hour promotion, you need to purchase her when she remains available and will not be able to breed her.  Once you have her, you should be able to clone her.

As of Friday, 10 February,  new Seasonal Creatures have appeared both in Age of Pyramids and in Creatures of Olympus.  One of these Creatures in each of the games was released first in the past, so is not 'new' to every one.  The other in each game is completely new.

(Above, Hathor, the ancient Egyptian Goddess of Love)

Age of Pyramids:

Seasonal St. Valentine's Day Creatures

Love Goddess
  24 hour promotion
  Hawk and Human
  Can only be cloned

As of Friday, 10 February, two Creatures are available in the Market for St. Valentine's Day:

  Bred from Cat and Human
  Time: 1 Day (I got her!)

Vizier Sayidaltta
  Bred from Cat and Crocodile  (I had Jackal and Hawk initially but never seemed right as Almanac did not light up although I got the Creature and placed her.)
  Time: 1 day, 11 hours
  Vizier Habitat

*Never able to breed again with Hawk and Jackal although tried and tried... my friend Shadowfish told me Frismos confirmed it is Cat and Crocodile... Freyashawk has it in the Nursery now and the Almanac lit up... with Cat and Crocodile combination, 1 day, 11 hours.

Creatures of Olympus

Seasonal St. Valentine's Day 2017

As of Friday, 17 February:

Love Goddess
  24 hour promotion
  Can only be cloned

As of Friday, 10 February, there are two new Seasonal Creatures in the Market in the Earth Kingdom.

Eros Bear
  Bred from Goat and Eagle
  2 days
  Love Habitat

Love Peacock
  Bred from Fish and Horse (thanks, Silver Elf) I got it twice using Psariaetos and Ipotane  This is Eagle/Fish and Giant/Horse.
  Time: 1 day, 7 hours
  Love Habitat

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Lunar New Year, Year of the Rooster


  Below, the beginning of the Celebration of the Year of the Rooster in Manila:

                                                                                                                                                                                             New Lunar New Year Creature in Underground in Age of Pyramids shown above.

(Above: Old Seasonal Hades Lunar New Year Creature in the form of the original Chinese Dragon, shown here for comparison purposes only as no longer active.)

(New Chinese Dragon II, the Hades Seasonal Creature just released for this Lunar New Year Celebration, shown above.)

The Lunar New Year is set to begin today, 28 January when we move from the Monkey to the Rooster in the Lunar Asian Zodiac.

Frismos has a tradition of celebrating the Lunar New Year with special seasonal Creatures both in Age of Pyramids and in Creatures of Olympus.

Currently, as of Saturday, 28 January, there are two Creatures that can be bred in Age of Pyramids and Creatures of Olympus.  In Age of Pyramids, if you have unlocked the Underground, you can breed the Chinese Bennuserk using Scorpion and Bennu.  Breed time is 1 day, 5 hours.  (It will start as 1 day, 6 hours but change to 5 instantly.).  In Creatures of Olympus, a new Chinese Dragon in Hades has been released in the form of the Chinese Dragon II.   The original Chinese Dragon had the combination of Lion and Serpent with a breeding time of 2 days.  This one is the same both with respect to combination and in breeding time.

The first Creature in Creatures of Olympus to celebrate the Lunar New Year, I believe, was the Green Goat.  As Creatures of Olympus is an older game than Age of Pyramids, there was no comparable Goat Creature for Egypt as far as I know.

The next Creatures were Dragons.  In Egypt, there was a seasonal Chinese Dragon and in Olympus Hades, there was a Chinese Dragon as well.

What has occurred is that Frismos has offered the old Monkey Zodiac Creatures to us as special Promotions both in Age of Pyramids and in Creatures of Olympus.  In Age of Pyramids, the Monkey King is a Creature for Egypt.  In Creatures of Olympus, it is a Creature of Earth.

Now, on the first day of the Lunar New Year, as previously indicated, there are new Creatures both in Age of Pyramids and in Creatures of Olympus.

Remember that it is only if a special seasonal Creature is in the Market that you actually can breed it from the two parent types.  If it is a special Promotion or a Mystic Pyramid seasonal or a Revive Pyramid Creature, it must be cloned.

Age of Pyramids

Current Lunar New Year Creatures

Monkey King:
  Bred from Jackal and Human
  Clone time:
  Special Promotion

 Lunar New Year Underground Creature

Chinese Bennuserk
  Bred from Scorpion and Bennu
  Breeding time: 1 day, 6 hours (immediately becomes 1 day, 5 hours) (credit to Silver Elf for time)

Old Seasonal Lunar New Year Creatures

The following information was collected by Aeriawyn:


Chinese Dragon
  Bred from Jackal and Serpent
  Time: 2 days

Creatures of Olympus

Current Lunar New Year Creatures:


Monkey King
  Bred from Goat and Giant
  Clone time: 2 days
  Special Promotion


Chinese Dragon II
  Bred from Lion and Serpent
  Time: 2 days . (Silver Elf and myself both confirmed)
  N.B.  The original Chinese Dragon in Hades was Serpent and Lion with a 2 day period of breeding.  This one is the same.

Old Seasonal Lunar New Year Creatures

The following is information collected by Aeriawyn.  I was not playing the game at the time when these creatures were released.


Green Goat
  Bred from Goat and Fish
  Time: 2 days
  Nature Habitat


Chinese Dragon
  Bred from Lion and Serpent
  Time: 2 days

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Happy Christmas from Freyashawk! New Seasonal Creatures Breeding List

(Christmas Dragon in Hades in Creatures of Olympus)

I would like to wish all players a very happy Holiday season, a Happy Christmas and New Year!  

You will find separate pages above every post that provide breeding information for ALL Creatures both in Egypt and in Creatures of Olympus.  There is a separate tab for each.  Seasonal Creatures are included but I thought for easy access, I would list the Seasonal Creatures for 2016 Christmas here as well both for Age of Pyramids and Creatures of Olympus.  As of Wednesday, 28 December, I finally was able to breed the Christmas Dragon in Hades in Creatures of Olympus, thanks in part to a hint by Helen from Frismos.

New Year 2017

At the 11th hour, as it were, a new Seasonal Creature has been added to the Revive Pyramid in the form of the Vizier Reindeer.  As the name suggests, he will abide in the Vizier Habitat.  You will need the following to Revive him:

Vizier Reindeer
  8 Grey Tokens
  9 Purple Tokens
  7 Green Tokens
  8 Blue Tokens
  5 Red Tokens

The process of revival will take 4 days.  I believe the cloning time is 2 days, 6 hours but need to confirm this.

Seasonal for Christmas 2016

Reindeer God
  Special 24 hour promotion
  Jackal and Human
  Clone in 1 day (?) (I did it but did not write time down immediately)

  Bred from Jackal and Cat
  Time: 24 hours

Christmas Bear
  Christmas Shuffle Creature
  Clone in 1 day, 13 hours (Silver Elf)
  Vizier Habitat

Snow Mummy
  Bred from Crocodile and Hawk (no longer Cat and Human, last year's combination!)
  Time: 2 days
  Lives in Sand Habitat

Elfie Twinkle Toes
  Bred from Cat and Human
  Time: 1 day, 9 hours (I got her!)

New Year Egypt Promotion

Snow Queen
  Special 24 hour Promotion
  Clone time: 1 day, 24 hours (I got her!)
  Sand Habitat

Twelfth Night 2017

The Ginger Bread Pharaoh was added to the Market on 6 January, the Feast of Twelfth Night or Epiphany.  In a past year, it had a chamber in the Mystic Pyramid but now is in the regular Market as a Seasonal offering.   I now can myself confirm all information from the past remains valid:

Ginger Bread Pharaoh
  Combination: Cat and Human
  Time:  2 days  (I have him!)

Underground Creature

  Bred from Ha and Scorpion
  Breeding time: 1 day, 22 Hours . (I have him!)

Here are the Breeds and times for Creatures of Olympus Christmas Season:

Christmas 2016

Glacial Titan
  24 hour promotion
  Clone Time: 2 days
  Titan Habitat

  Bred from Goat and Giant
 Breeding Time: 1 day, 23 hours (I can confirm this!)
  Goat or Giant Habitats

 Christmas Bear
  Christmas Shuffle
  Clone Time: 1 day, 15 hours
  Nature Habitat

Christmas Warrior
  Christmas Shuffle
  Clone time: 2 days
  Royal Habitat

Christmas Yeti
  Christmas Shuffle
  Clone in 2 days, 7 hours
  Titan Habitat

Christmas Tree
  Bred from Horse and Bull
  Time: 1 day, 7 hours

Christmas Angel
  Special Promotion
  Clone time: 2 days, 5 hours
  Royal Habitat

New Year Promotion

Snow Fairy
  Special Promotion
  Clone in 2 days (I did it)
  Royal Habitat

Twelfth Night 2017

Santa Claus
  Bred from Bull and Giant (old combination was Goat and Giant)
  2 days  (I can confirm this now!)

Hades Habitat Christmas Creatures 2016

Christmas Dragon
  Bred from  Lion and Bird
  Time: 1 day, 21 hours . (Thanks to Helen at Frismos for hint that Lion was one of the creatures!)
  Dragon Habitat

Water Habitat Christmas Creatures 2016

Santa Campus
  Bred from Octopus and Crayfish
  Time: 1 day, 2 hours (I got him)
  Monster Habitat

Friday, 18 November 2016

U.S. Thanksgiving Festival 2016

A new Creature and an old seasonal Creature both are available in the Market now.  The new Creature is Tutanbarley, a combination of Human and Serpent, breeding time 1 day, 19 hours.   The Creature from last year who has returned is The Cursed Turkey, Cat and Hawk combination, breed time 1 day.  As long as they appear in the Market, you can breed them.

There is another new Creature in the form of the Jackal King who is found in the Revive Pyramid.  He therefore is not a seasonal Creature although he appeared today as well for the first time.  He required more Tokens to revive than any of his predecessors as follows:

Jackal King:

7 Grey Tokens
7 Purple Tokens
6 Green Tokens
10 Blue Tokens
5 Red Tokens

The sheer number of Tokens required for this one makes one aware of the wisdom of continuing to sacrifice dupilcate Creatures even when one has exhausted the Revive Pyramid List.  A new Creature could be added at ANY time!

In Creatures of Olympus, the seaonsl Thanksgiving Creatures are the Roman Turkey and Autumn Fairy.  As the Roman Turkey is an old seasonal offered once again, its habits and parentage were known.  Use a Bull and Eagle.  Breeding time is 2 days.  The Autumn Fairy, however is new and I wanted her very badly before I have to go into hospital for an operation...  I got her today using Eagle and Fish.  Breeding time is 24 hours.  So very pleased and hope it will be a good omen.

Finally, at the end of this week, two more Creatures were released.  In Egypt, the Creature is to be found in the Underground in the form of the Scorpion King.  He is bred from Scorpion and Ha and breeding time is 1 Day 22 Hours.

In Creatures of Olympus, the Creature is in the Water World and is the Coraline Stallion.  No one yet has logged either the breeding combination or breeding time for this one.  One hopes we will have a few days to solve the mystery and obtain this delicate new sea creature.

Thanks to Silver Elf for Scorpion King breeding time.

Tutanbarley and John Barleycorn

The oldest form of brew is Barley Beer probably, made from emmer barley.  One of the most ancient legends from Canaan is about the god Mot and his sacrifice at the hands of the goddess Anat.  It is one of the oldest poems about the seasonal Sacrifice of the Eternal God/King and it features the God of the Underworld, Mot by Anat.

'She seizes Mot the son of El,
With a blade she cleaves him;
With a shovel she winnows him;
With fire she parches him;
With a millstone she grinds him,
In the field she sows him.,
His remains the birds eat.
The wild creatures consume his fragments,
Remains from remains are sundered.'

It is, of course, the most ancient rite of Sacrifice of the Grain and its resurrection through the planting of the seed

The legend of John Barleycorn is English rather than Egyptian.  It is a myth of Eternal Sacrifice and there is an old folksong about the rite.

'There were three men came out of the West,
Their fortunes for to try.
And these three men made a solemn vow,
John Barleycorn must die.

They've plowed, they've sown, they've harrowed him in
Threw clods upon his head,
And these three men made a solemn vow,
John Barleycorn was dead.

They've let him lie for a very long time,
'Til the rains from heaven did fall,
And little Sir John sprung up his head,
And so amazed them all!

They've let him stand 'til Midsummer's Day
'Til he looked both pale and wan,
And little Sir John has grown a long, long beard,
And so become a man.

They've hired men with their scythes so sharp
To cut him off at the knee,
They've rolled him and tied him by the way
Serving him most barbarously.

They've hired men with their sharp pitchforks
Who've pricked him to the heart.
And the loader he has served him worse than that,
For he has bound him to the cart.

They've wheeled im round and round a field
Til they came unto a poind,
And there they made a solemn oath
On poor John Barleycorn.

They've hired men with their crabtree sticks
To cut him skin from bone,
And the miller he has served him worse than that,
For he has ground him between two stones.

And little Sir John and the nut brown bowl
And his brandy in the glass
And little Sir John and the nut brown bowl
Proved the strongest man at the last.

The huntsman he can't hunt the fox
Nor so loudly blow his horn
Without Sir John Barleycorn.