Saturday, 14 October 2017

Hallowe'en 2017 in Egypt

The Hallowe'en season has launched early in Egypt as in Olympus.  Three seasonal Creatures from the past are again available in Egypt as follows:

Pumpkin Mask
  Combination:  Jackal and Human
  Cloning time: 10 hours

King Corn Fu
  Combination:  Human and Serpent
  Cloning time: 18 hours

  Combination:  Jackal and Hawk
  Cloning time: 24 hours

Cursed Turkey
  Combination: Cat and Hawk
  Cloning time: 24 hours

Lycan of Giza
  Bred from Jackal and Human
  Breeding Time: 1 Day, 12 Hours

There is another new Creature.  This one is permanent.
  Bred from Jackal and Cat
  Time: 2 days (thanks, Shadow!)

In the Underground, there is a new Creature that IS seasonal in nature:

  Bred from Scorpion and Serpopard
  Time: 2 days, 13 hours (Ghost Catticus)

Another new Creature may or may not be seasonal:

  Bred from Scorpion and Serpopard
  Time: 2 days

As always, you can find a comprehensive list of all permanent Creatures as well as one for Seasonals, both past and present, as Pages on this site, displayed as tabs above every post.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Comprehensiva Breeding Lists

You will find a link to the right of any post when you enter the site, but in case you use a mobile device and do not see the entire site, here is a link as well:

All Permanent Creatures Breeding List

Here is the Seasonal Creatures Breeding List:

All Seasonal Creatures Breeding List

Sunday, 2 July 2017

4th of July Uncle Sam promotion and Diamond Sale

Frismos has released a 24 hour promotion in the form of Uncle Sam, a creature that inhabits the Vizier Habitat.

In Creatures of Olympus, Uncle Same has been released as well as a 24 hour promotion and there, in the Earth Kingdom, he inhabits the Titan habitat.

More important perhaps internationally, Diamonds now are on sale.  If you are a player who never wishes to miss a seasonal Creature, it is a good idea to have at least 1000 Diamonds in 'the bank' for emergency situations.  Buying them when they are half the ordinary price is the wisest way to invest.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Father's Day in Age of Pyramids

There are two different Creatures in Age of Pyramids now in honour of Father's Day.  The first is Apis, a Creature you ordinarily must obtain by playing the Shuffle Game in the Mystic Pyramid.  For a fortnight, he will be available in the Market which means that you can breed him.

  Bred from Jackal and Hawk
  Breed time: 2 Days

On Monday, 19 June, a special 24 hour promotion has been released in the form of a splendid new Vizier:

  Vizier Habitat
  24 hour promotion


Monday, 15 May 2017

Celebration of Mother's Day

Motherhood in ancient cultures and civilisations WAS Fertility and thus, both in Age of Pyramids and in Creatures of Olympus, special 24 hour promotions were launched in honour of Mother's Day that gave us gorgeous Fertility goddesses.

In Egypt, we were given the opportunity to purchase the Queen Vizier.

In Creatures of Olympus, a similar promotion gave us the chance to own the ethereal and breathtaking Mother Goddess who is in fact the ancient Goddess of Motherhood and Love and whose symbol always has been a dove.  As you can see, she manifests a white dove and then sets it into flight.

The actual animation when she inhabits the Love Habitat is slightly more dramatic.  The white dove carries a pink heart and as it flies upwards into the sky, the Goddess leaps up to catch it.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Tip for using the Sanctuary

Note on 26 June 2017: This is a very old post...  I believe now that it is best to collect Tokens and NOT use them at all to Revive any one until you have met all the 'Goals'... there are Goals in Egypt that require you to collect a specific number of Tokens, a Goal in fact for each type of Token.  For example, you need to collect 10 Yellow Tokens.  Unless there is a Seasonal Creature in the Revive Pyramid that ought to be revived before it disappears, save your Tokens and keep collecting until you have achieved all the Token Goals, then begin to revive the Creatures in the Pyramid.


When you reach Level 35, you will unlock the Revive Pyramid and the Sanctuary.   If you have saved a number of Creatures in your Inventory rather than selling your duplicate Creatures, you will be in a good condition to Revive a Creature fairly soon afterwards.

It is not enough to unlock the Sanctuary.  One needs to build the Revive Pyramid should one ever wish to revive any Creature!  The cost is not dear in terms of Stone: only 30,000 Stones to build it.

Once built, you will see a list of the Creatures that can be revived with their costs:  I have included a list below of all Revive Creatures with the Tokens needed to bring each into existence.

After Moving your Creature into a Habitat, you should tap on the Habitat and then tap on the icon of the Creature in the Habitat to open a menu that will allow you to 'Feed' it.  All the food you have harvested from your Food Farms will be available and you need to feed the Creature at least until it reaches Level 4, which is the adult stage.  If you have not built any of the Statues, your creatures can be raised to Level 10, making it the highest possible earner of its type until you unlock and build the Statues.   At the start, feed your Creature first to Level 4 to be able to use it in breeding and then to Level 10 to allow it to generate the greatest number of Coins.

The Token you receive when you sacrifice any Creature depends on the type of Creature you use.  Each Creature gives one of two possible Tokens based on its parent types.  Any Creature with a Hawk or Hawk Hybrid as a parent can give a Grey (Wing) Token.

The correspondences are:

Jackel: Yellow Token (Star)
Cat: Red Token (Ankh)
Serpent: Purple Token (Dagger)
Crocodile: Blue Token (Water)
Human: Green Token (Eye of Horus or Udjat)
Hawk: Grey Token (Wing)

I made a list below of all the permanent Creatures that can be sent down the river, but it is sufficient to know the basic correspondences for each type of Token.  Note that neither Sand nor Vizier Creatures are qualified for use as Sacrifices.  At this point in time, therefore, you safely can sell any duplicate Vizier or Sand Creature if you need Coins.

The Grey Tokens are the most difficult to obtain.  No Winged Creature has a better than 20% chance of yielding one.  Most of the Creatures that can be revived are permanent ones.  There is no time limit, therefore, for them in terms of being able to find them in the Revive Pyramid.  Since i began to play, however, there have been two 'seasonal' Revive Creatures.  The first was the Jackal King, now gone.  The second is the Vizier Reindeer, who still is available.  For the Vizier Reindeer, one needs a total of 8 Grey Tokens.  At the time of its release, I had only 6 in my possession.  I had to sacrifice at least 20 more Winged Creatures to obtain the 2 Grey Tokens I lacked.  Were it not for the fact that Diamonds were being offered at a sale price and I therefore was able to use speed-ups, I never would have achieved the goal.


An auxiliary to this is that, once you have all existing Creatures in the game, you should try to breed winged Creatures regularly for sacrifice.  As the Grey Token is the most difficult to obtain, breeding a constant supply of winged Creatures with a 20% chance of yielding a Grey Token is an excellent strategy.  I try to sacrifice a Winged Creature daily if not twice daily.

Obviously, when a new Seasonal Creature or even permanent Creature has been released, I try to breed that one instead, but once I again have all Creatures in the game, I return to the strategy of breeding winged creatures.  Fortunately, many of these take no more than 10 hours to breed.

I love this game but find this aspect of it rather gruesome.  There is a fundamental ethical issue here:  will I sacrifice living if virtual creatures in order to obtain rare ones???  I suppose I shall, but am a little ashamed of myself...

Here are the correspondences for the list of permanent Creatures that can be sacrificed in terms of the probability of obtaining each of the Tokens they can yield:

Anubis: 70% Yellow, 30% Green
Anumau 55% Yellow, 45% Red
Sekhmet: 30% Green, 70% Red
Ashacobra: 60% Yellow, 40% Purple
Wadjet: 20% Grey, 80% Purple
Apenaja 40% Purple, 60% Red
Horucobra 20% Grey, 80% Purple
Thoth 20% Grey, 80% Green
Sphinx: 30% Green, 70% Red
Ininekhe: 20% Grey, 80% Green
Maunekhe: 30% Green, 70% Red
Iniape: 70% Purple, 30% Green
Pharaoh: 70% Yellow, 30% Green
High Priest: 55% Yellow, 45% Red
Pyramidhead: 70% Purple, 30% Green
Avaris: 30% Green, 70% Blue
Horux: 70% Yellow, 30% Green
Ptahmose: 70% Yellow, 30% Green
Hemaka; 70% Purple, 30% Green
Hapi: 30% Green, 70% Red
Urasobe: 65% Purple, 35% Blue
Aunekhe: 80% Yellow, 20% footprint
Maudile: 35% Blue, 65% Red
Ptah: 30% Green, 70% Blue
Osiris: 70% Purple, 30% Green
Iniau: 70% Yellow, 30% Green
Warhorse: 55% Yellow, 45% Red
Herumix: 20% Grey, 80% Red
Sobeau: 65% Yellow, 35% Green
Maunekh: 20% footprint, 80% Red
Urainiama: 70% Purple, 30% Green
Mauasha: 55% Yellow, 45% Red
Horusobe: 20% Grey, 80% Blue
Mausukh: 35% Blue, 65% Red
Cobrau: 60% Yellow, 40% Purple
Jackadile:  65% Yellow, 35% Blue
Maucobra: 40% Purple, 60% Red
Sukhoapep: 65% Purple, 35% Blue

Creatures in Inventory are not eligible for Sacrifice, nor are Creatures lower than Level 4.  I do not see any point in using a high level creature.  They are NOT worth more in Tokens, nor do the percentages change at all.  Initially,  I took a Level 1 Auneckhe from Inventory and swapped him with a high level one, leveled him up to Level 4 and then renamed him 'Victim' so that there would be no confusion when I took him to the Altar.  Once in the Sanctuary, I chose the Victim and rather to my consternation, he was placed in a boat and sent down the river!  Very, very graphic... had thought the sacrifice would be hidden and more painless.

Another surprise is that the sacrifice process will take 12 hours.  I do not know if that is how long the journey itself will take towards whatever dark destination is his, or if that is a bureaucratic time period required to process the paperwork!  Anyway, gone was he and I awaited the result.

You CAN use speed-ups on any Sacrifice as well as on the process of Revival once it has begun.

Note that I received only ONE Token for the sacrifice of my poor Creature.  Initially, it was a long journey to the point where I could revive any one.

I have to confess that I thought the amounts needed were outrageous until I realised I had misread them all grossly.   I was misreading the slash (/) as a seven or one I think!  Good thing no one really had used this guide yet.  I was sending creatures randomly down the river, thinking that it would take YEARS no matter what to earn enough Tokens to revive any one.  Now I shall attempt to sacrifice Creatures who will give the tokens I need.  I have almost enough amazingly to revive my first Creature.   Instead of 71 Blue Tokens, all I need is 1!  (This was written a few months ago.  I now have revived all existing Creatures, including the recent Seasonal ones).

Ammit: 2 Yellow Tokens,  1 Blue, 2 Red
  Time to Revive: 12 hours

Renenutet: 4 Yellow Tokens, 3 Purple, 1 Green
  Time to Revive: 1 Day

Behemoth: 5 Yellow, 1 Grey, 2 Blue, 3 Red
  Time to Revive: 2 Days

Manticore: 2 Grey, 5 Purple, 3 Green, 3 Red
  Time to Revive: 3 Days

Shezmu: 3 Silver Grey, 5 Purple, 4 Green, 4 Blue, 5 Red
  Time to Revive: 4 Days

Anibis: 5 Grey, 5 Purple, 6 Green, 4 Blue, 7 Red
  Time to Revive: 4 Days

On 18 November, a new Seasonal Creature was added to the list:

  Jackal King: 7 Grey, 7 Purple, 6 Green, 10 Blue, 5 Red

No longer active!

A new Seasonal Creature was added to the Revive Pyramid list for Christmas/New Year:

Vizier Reindeer:  8 Grey, 9 Purple, 7 Green, 8 Blue, 5 Red

Seasonal Revive Creatures

Initially, I did not realise that there were Seasonal Revive Creatures in the same fashion as the Seasonal Creatures in the Market or Mystic Pyramid.  These are available only for a brief time during the Season to which they are attributed, so if you want one, make certain that you move quickly to Revive it.  It is where Seasonal Creatures are concerned that the use of speed-ups can be critical.

For example, when the Vizier Reindeer was released, I had all the Tokens needed to Revive him with the exception of two missing Grey Tokens.  If I had waited for the ordinary time period for Sacrifices, I never would have achieved the goal.  After all, the chance of obtaining a Grey Token from ANY winged Creature is only 20%.  I was obliged to Sacrifice at least 20 Winged Creatures before I obtained the 2 Grey Tokens that I lacked for the Vizier Reindeer.

N.B.  In view of the appearance of these Seasonal Creatures periodically, I suggest that all players Sacrifice their Creatures on a regular Basis to amass Tokens, even if they have revived all existing Creatures...

The Tokens all are objects or symbols.  The Grey is a wing,  the Purple is a Dagger, the Green is the Eye of Horus, Blue is flowing Water and Red is an Ankh.  I believe they are hieroglyphic letters actually.  I recognise a couple of them.  Have to look in one of my books on Ancient Egypt...

Friday, 24 March 2017

New Sorcerers for Spring in Age of Pyramids and new breeds in Creatures of Olympus

Last updated on Monday, 22 May with new Sorcerer and new Coral Habitat Salamander.

As of Monday, 3 April, there is a new Underground Habitat in the form of the Sorcerer Habitat and two new Creatures to inhabit it in the form of the Sorcerer Nugera and the Sorcerer Tsiskha.  Breeding information below.

In Creatures of Olympus, we recently experienced the addition of a new Habitat in the Water Kingdom in the form of the Coral Habitat, where the Ancient Turtle and now the Jellyfish live.

Age of Pyramids

Sorcerer Habitat:

This Underground habitat is unlocked at Level 47 and costs 1900,000 Stones to build.  It takes 4 days to complete and when completed, will house two Creatures.  The cost of upgrading this habitat is 2500000 Stones.

At present, there are TWO new Creatures for this habitat in the form of the Sorcerer Nugera. and the Sorcerer Tsiskha.   You will see the breeding combinations below...

I purchased and cloned my first Sorcerer Nugera.  Breed and clone time is 1 day, 18 hours, changing instantly to 1 day, 17 hours... so now I have two of these gorgeous creatures.  Frismos confirmed that the breeding combination is Scorpion and Bennu.

Sorcerer Nugera
  Bred from Bennu and Scorpion
  Breeding time: 1 day, 18 hours, changing instantly to 1 day, 17 hours

Sorcerer Tsiskha
  Bred from Scarab and Serpopard
  Time: 2 days (confirmed now by me)

Sorcerer Nenet
  Bred from: Frog and Bennu
  Breed time: 2 days

Sorcerer Ahmar
  Bred from ?
  Time: 2 day, 6 hours

Obtaining Stone

The farthest location on the Map where you can send your Ships for Stone is Thinis where in 2 days for the price of 400000 Coins, you will receive 40,000 Stones.

Your ability to purchase additional Ships as well as your ability to send them longer distances on the Map depends on your Level.  The Ships are very inexpensive at any Level, although the price of a new Ship increases gradually.

A far more efficient way to obtain Stone is via a Stone Quarry in the Underground.  A Stone Quarry costd 300,000 Coins to build (giving 5000 XP) and the original Stone Quarry has two options:

Small Pack costs 200000 Coins and gives 10,000 Stones after 6 hours.
Medium Pack costs 400000 Coins and gives 20000 Stones after 12 hours.

When you upgrade the Stone Quarry, you will have two more options:

Large Pack costs 11000000 Coins and gives 60000 Stones after 24 hours.
Extra Large Pack costs 2000000 Coins and gives 90000 Stones after 36 hours.

As you can see, you receive more Stones faster when you use a Stone Quarry than you will with your beautiful Ships but it always is a good idea to keep both Ships and Quarries active at all times.  You never know when more Stones will be needed in this game.  A good example of this is the new Sorcerer Habitat!

Creatures of Olympus

In Creatures of Olympus, there is a fairly recent addition to the types of Habitats you can purchase in the Water Kingdom.  The new Habitat is the Coral Habitat that houses the new Ancient Turtle and a new Jellyfish.  Do not confuse this Jellyfish with the Olympic Jellyfish!

The Coral Habitat costs 9000000 to build and gives 60,000 XP when completed.  It houses two Creatures at present in the form of the Ancient Turtle, bred from Seahorse and Dolphin and the Jellyfish, bred from Seahorse and Octopus.  Breed times below.  The Coral Habitat is unlocked at Level 38.

Ancient Turtle
  Bred from Seahorse and Dolphin
  Time: 1 day, 7 hours

  Bred from Seahorse and Octopus
  3 days

Manta Whale
  Bred from Dolphin and Octopus
  1 day, 12 hours (changing instantly to 1 day, 11 hours)  (Aeriawyn and Queen60)

  Bred from ?
  Time: ?