Monday, 5 February 2018

February 2018

Thanks to Queen 60 for the following:


Soosan Snake:
  Bred from Cat and Serpent
  Time: 2 days


Chinese Meta:
  Bred from Scarab and Scorpion
  Time: 2 days

  At the time of posting, the Chinese Meta does not appear in the Market

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Christmas 2017


Thanks always to Leopard Lady, Aeriawyn and Ghost Catticus for keeping me informed.  Seasonals released for season include:

  1 day
  Warning:  Can be placed without problem in Jackal Habitat but will freeze Hawk Habitat currently.  The reason may be a logical one.  The creature has no wings to fly!

Yule Cat
  Bred from Cat and Hawk
  Time: 1 day

  Bred from Jackal and Serpent in past; needs confirmation this season
  Time: 1 Day

  Bred from Jackal and Cat originally; needs confirmation this season
  Time: 1 Day

Snow Mummy
  Bred from Crocodile and Hawk last year, needs confirmation this season
  Time: 2 Days
  Sand Habitat

Christmas Werecat:
  Bred from Cat and Human
  Time: 2 Days


  Bred from Frog and Serpopard
  Time: 2 day
  May not be seasonal

Mr. Arcadin
  Bred from Frog and Scorpion
  Time: 2 Days; nursery time bizarrely shorter, only 3 hours and a bit

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Autumn 2017 in Egypt

The Hallowe'en season has launched early in Egypt as in Olympus.  The list follows.  Unfortunately, Frismos forgot to unlock the old seasonals for breeding until 18 November.  You have until the end of the month to breed them.

Pumpkin Mask
  Combination:  Jackal and Human
  Cloning time: 10 hours

King Corn Fu
  Combination:  Human and Serpent
  Cloning time: 18 hours

  Combination:  Jackal and Hawk
  Cloning time: 24 hours

Cursed Turkey
  Combination: Cat and Hawk
  Cloning time: 24 hours

Lycan of Giza
  Bred from Jackal and Human
  Breeding Time: 1 Day, 12 Hours

Monkey King
  Jackal and Human
  2 days

Jackal King
  Bred from Jackal and Hawk
  2 days

There is another new Creature.  This one is permanent.
  Bred from Jackal and Cat
  Time: 2 days (thanks, Shadow!)

I believe Sibuna may be permanent but Serpodail is a Thanksgiving offering.

  Bred from Human and Jackal

  Bred from Serpent and Crocodile
  Cost: 1 Diamond

In the Underground, there is a new Creature that IS seasonal in nature:

  Bred from Scorpion and Serpopard
  Time: 2 days, 13 hours (Ghost Catticus)

Others in Underground

  Bred from Scorpion and Serpopard
  Time: 2 days

Scorpion King
  Bred from Ha and Scorpion
  1 day, 22 hours

  Scarab and Ha
  1 day

As always, you can find a comprehensive list of all permanent Creatures as well as one for Seasonals, both past and present, as Pages on this site, displayed as tabs above every post.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Comprehensiva Breeding Lists

You will find a link to the right of any post when you enter the site, but in case you use a mobile device and do not see the entire site, here is a link as well:

All Permanent Creatures Breeding List

Here is the Seasonal Creatures Breeding List:

All Seasonal Creatures Breeding List

Sunday, 2 July 2017

4th of July Uncle Sam promotion and Diamond Sale

Frismos has released a 24 hour promotion in the form of Uncle Sam, a creature that inhabits the Vizier Habitat.

In Creatures of Olympus, Uncle Same has been released as well as a 24 hour promotion and there, in the Earth Kingdom, he inhabits the Titan habitat.

More important perhaps internationally, Diamonds now are on sale.  If you are a player who never wishes to miss a seasonal Creature, it is a good idea to have at least 1000 Diamonds in 'the bank' for emergency situations.  Buying them when they are half the ordinary price is the wisest way to invest.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Father's Day in Age of Pyramids

There are two different Creatures in Age of Pyramids now in honour of Father's Day.  The first is Apis, a Creature you ordinarily must obtain by playing the Shuffle Game in the Mystic Pyramid.  For a fortnight, he will be available in the Market which means that you can breed him.

  Bred from Jackal and Hawk
  Breed time: 2 Days

On Monday, 19 June, a special 24 hour promotion has been released in the form of a splendid new Vizier:

  Vizier Habitat
  24 hour promotion


Monday, 15 May 2017

Celebration of Mother's Day

Motherhood in ancient cultures and civilisations WAS Fertility and thus, both in Age of Pyramids and in Creatures of Olympus, special 24 hour promotions were launched in honour of Mother's Day that gave us gorgeous Fertility goddesses.

In Egypt, we were given the opportunity to purchase the Queen Vizier.

In Creatures of Olympus, a similar promotion gave us the chance to own the ethereal and breathtaking Mother Goddess who is in fact the ancient Goddess of Motherhood and Love and whose symbol always has been a dove.  As you can see, she manifests a white dove and then sets it into flight.

The actual animation when she inhabits the Love Habitat is slightly more dramatic.  The white dove carries a pink heart and as it flies upwards into the sky, the Goddess leaps up to catch it.